Case Study:
Sports Focus Physiotherpy

Refining branding and increasing conversions for Sydney’s biggest physio group


Website Design & Development / SEO & SEM Management / Social Management

Case Study:
Sports Focus

Refining branding and increasing conversions for Sydney’s biggest physio group


Website Design & Development / SEO & SEM Management / Social Management / Digital Branding



Sports Focus Physiotherapy specialise in all physiotherapy health and welfare treatments. They provide special care to their patients across their eight locations (Sydney CBD, Wynyard, Liverpool, Northbridge, Castle Hill, Willoughby, Mt Pritchard and Macarthur) in Sydney.

The challenge

Sports Focus came to DigiGround for help to expand their business, which had grown to a great level but had since plateaued. The Sydney physio team had not updated their website for a long period of time to meet modern internet and mobile standards. They were utilising a third-party agency to manage their pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO) and website maintenance. One thing they were insistent on was they want an advertising agency in Sydney.

There was little to no transparency from the third-party providers with regards to success in campaigns or steps taken during each billing cycle. There was also no management of conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Sports Focus Physiotherapy were seeking a company to update their website, improve conversions, provide successful PPC and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns and assist in growing their digital presence and conversions.

Our solution

DigiGround created a new WordPress website which was user friendly, had a modern design and was designed with the conversion goal in mind. We recognised they were in a particularly competitive market and therefore should introduce a strong SEO plan to help them rank against their competitors.

Once the website would be created, we suggested a CRO plan to monitor user flow and make sure the goals of the website were being met and finally, we recommended PPC advertising support with more transparency on strategy, decision making and reporting.

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Sports Focus was undertaking a huge development effort to bring their CMS, website and booking system up to a modern standard that would accurately represent the company’s services and values.

Advertising Agency Sydney | DigiGround


DigiGround started by auditing their current website and taking note of the website’s performance and areas for improvement. We decided that we would completely redesign their website to give it fresh branding, improve call-to-action (CTA) and enhance the user’s experience.

DigiGround worked with Sports Focus to design and build a WordPress website capable of managing all their content, giving web admins full control over their message and image. Bookings and enquiries are tracked and managed in the website backend system. The Sports Focus website development project continues into 2019 with a planned integration of sub-sites and other business offerings and systems.

The results

We worked closely with Sports Focus throughout the whole process, from concept to design to development. We brought the website design up to modern standards and made it easier for users to find services, physios and contact details. Our developers ensured that the CMS was easy to navigate, so that Sports Focus could manage the pages and bookings themselves. The result was a clean interface with strong CTA, overcoming the challenges of the complex content.

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The objective was to increase phone call bookings and enquiries. Sports Focus also wanted to drive more traffic to their website, grow their visibility online and drive more users to the contact pages.

Digital Branding | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | DigiGround

We adopted a dual approach to meet the objectives. We ran PPC advertising campaigns for each of the Sports Focus locations to increase demand for bookings and boost brand awareness. Our aim was to get more customers calling Sports Focus through their SEM ads.

In parallel, we conducted SEO on the website to boost Sports Focus’ presence in search engine results. We conducted research into the industry and their target audience to determine the best keywords to target. We then ensured that all the site’s content was optimised to rank for these keywords. We conducted weekly SEO maintenance to monitor how the website was performing.

We also ran CRO heatmapping to determine if the website layout was optimised for conversions. Using the data gathered, we would make monthly adjustments to the website based on what visitors were looking for the most.

Additionally, we setup a management reporting system in Google Analytics to track conversions and awareness from the above marketing activities, and the associated organic search, direct and email marketing channels.

New Users


Average Session Duration


Bounce Rate

– 0.80%


Website and CRO Results:
• DigiGround improved website visitors by more than 1,700% in 1 year
• Users increased by 1,707.44% compared to the previous year
• New users increased by 1,712.46%
• Sessions increased by 1,796.20%
• Pageviews increased by 2,479.30%
• Pages/session increased by 36.02%
• Av. session duration increased by 33.61%
• Sessions per user increased by 4.91%
• Website bounce rate for the home page improved by 40%

PPC Advertising Results:
• Generated 575 calls via Google AdWords campaigns in 7 months.
• Generated over 101,000 impressions over 7 months
• Generated 2,300 interactions
• Decreased the average Cost Per Click (CPC) by $1.69

SEO Results:
• DigiGround achieved a 95% optimisation level on the Sports Focus website.
• Keywords located in the top 1 spot across 5 search engines – 24
• Keywords located in the top 10 spots across 5 search engines – 50
• Keywords located in the top 20 spots across 5 search engines – 57
• Keywords located in the top 30 spots across 5 search engines – 60
• DigiGround SEO practises created an uptick in social citations on Facebook for Sports Focus


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Sports Focus came to DigiGround for help in building their brand awareness and growing their website traffic further. They recognised that there was more they could do to improve their site ranking.


DigiGround suggested that Sports Focus should begin regular social media posting and blog writing, as these activities play a role in SEO. Unfortunately, Sports Focus didn’t have the time and resources to manage their social media accounts on a daily basis, nor did they have the resources to produce regular blog content.

The best course of action was to give DigiGround control over the Sports Focus social media and blog. DigiGround started producing social media posts for their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and wrote weekly blogs to be published on the website. This would give Sports Focus more backlinks to their website and more dynamic content, boosting their site’s authority in search engine results.


Since taking over social media management, Sports Focus’ social media traffic has grown by over 450%. Contributed social conversions have grown by 62.50% and sessions via social referral has increased by 444.55%. The increase in social media traffic has boosted the SEO, growing Sports Focus’ average ranking position from 17 before we started management, to 10 at the time of writing. Their website ranking and traffic trends continue to grow every month.