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Case study
Feisty Fish

Using digital technology to generate engagement and bring Feisty Fish to life


Application Development

Case study
Feisty Fish

Using digital technology to generate engagement and bring innovation to life


Application Development



Crazy Might Work re-imagines organisations as creative endeavours, with the ability to inspire and energise, making the world a better place for employees, customers and others. Through their unique innovative ideas, they scale innovation across an organisation to improve collaboration. Visit Crazy Might Work at .

The challenge

Crazy Might Work requested support to build Feisty Fish®, a unique digital collaboration and an idea management platform. The platform would have the ability to galvanise a workforce towards innovation, increasing participation and engagement. The platform was to use animation and have the ability to engage employees and management in various roles, to interact and share ideas.

Our solution

DigiGround suggested a platform mobile, tablet and desktop optimised for best engagement. Moving animation would form the basis of the scenery, journey and characters. The aim of the platform was for people/colleagues to generate an unlimited number of ideas as ‘fish’ in a ‘fish tank’ and they must be ‘fed’ by colleagues to survive. Executives (masquerading as ocean creatures) could mentor and challenge ideas to create more robust solutions. Users would vote on the best idea by feeding the fish. Using the DNA of innovation algorithm to select the most desirable, novel and strategically aligned innovation ideas. A winner is then announced.



Crazy Might Work wanted to create a concept-based idea management application. In this app, users could purchase (place) fish (ideas) for a fish tank (idea bank), so other users can feed (vote for) them. The goal would be to encourage the fish to move through the process and grow into an aquarium (sent to SMEs) for further feedback, prior to being moved to the largest pool (sent to approvers/investors) for release into the wild (approved for funding).



DigiGround created Feisty Fish®, a user platform for businesses looking to improve collaboration and ideation. DigiGround’s app developers built the platform in PHP, HTML and CSS.

We began by creating a backend portal for admin users. Admin users would have access to the whole platform and be able to:
•  Upload database lists
•  Add new fish
•  Implement new questions and ideas
•  Add SME’s
•  Comment on ideas
•  Select winners
•  Create new instances
•  Manage comments questions and answers

We built an engaging colourful front-end for users, which included:
•  Login and signup screen
•  Animated characters swimming within the tank
•  Company branding
•  Board for placing questions
•  Background imagery to form the scene
•  Comment stream
•  Winner’s podium
•  Leaderboard
•  Transition to different tanks once a level is completed


Crazy Might Work have reported company improvements in engagement with the companies they have worked with. In some cases where previous processes resulted in as little as 45 out of 500 employees taking action, the new Feisty Fish platform have seen an increase of upto 1,000% in engagement and interactions from participants, with the new platform.

Since launch, Feisty Fish has been used by multinational companies in 8 different countries around the world.

The platform eliminates the administrative burden of idea sourcing; generates engagement through playful gamification; and create whole-of-organisational learning through transparency. DigiGround continues to work with Crazy Might Work, to customise instances or new customers, add improvements based on user feedback and build new ideation platforms.

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