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Get Australian Government Funding to aid your mobile application development

To turn your app idea into a full-functioning software product, you will need to raise capital to cover the operational overhead and all other business-related expenses. Thankfully, to make the process easier for new and small businesses, the Australian Government offers many different funding incentives.

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Australian Government Grants

Find Australian government grants to help your app business grow and succeed! When searching for funding, remember that you will need to meet a particular criterion to be eligible to receive funding assistance. There are also many support programs available to build your business skills and knowledge. More information about grant programs can be found here .

Incubator Support Grant

The Australian Government provides new and existing incubators with funding to help start-ups move into international markets. Successful applicants can receive from $13,000 to $250,000 of funding for up to two years to enable their apps to achieve commercial success in international markets. More information about this grant scheme can be found here .

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Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

This government grant provides businesses with access to expert advice and funding to accelerate the growth of a novel product, process or service. You must first receive commercialisation guidance, after which you can receive up to $1 million to help cover the cost of your app development project. More information about this grant scheme can be found here .

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Research and Development Tax Incentive

The Research and Development Tax Incentive helps businesses to reduce the effective spend on research and business development activities by offering tax offsets for eligible R&D expenditure. Eligible companies must have an annual turnover of less than $20 million receive a refundable tax offset. More information about this tax incentive can be found here .

Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Australian Government has an Entrepreneurs’ Programme available that can help you transform your app business, getting you from where you are to where you want to be. You can receive up to $20,000 to cover the cost of hiring an expert who can help you develop and refine your app business strategy. More information about this program can be found here .

Finding Start-up Incentives

DigiGround can help app founders to confidently navigate the diverse and complex incentives and grants landscape. We can help you to identify government funding opportunities that are aligned to your specific growth plans and strategic development for your application. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you with Australian Government funding.

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