Our app designers have over 100 years’ experience combined and are dedicated individuals. They have the ability to bring your ideas to life in an app. When you hire a DigiGround designer, you’re getting the best in the market.

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Mobile app design for businesses and start-ups


Mobile App Design

We are dedicated to designing stunning and engagement mobile apps and web apps that will deliver results for both you and your users. Whatever your vision, we will design it, using the latest practices, trends and technologies.


Custom App Design

It’s no secret that mobile apps are growing in popularity. Why not give yourself a leading edge by benefiting from our custom app design work? The sky’s the limit, and we have the passion and expertise to create.

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Mobile App Branding

We’ll design an interface that creates a brand out of your mobile app. Our app design goes beyond graphics and fonts to extend your brand virtually. We make sure that your mobile app speaks what your business stands for.


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See some samples of our app design


An all-in-one expense management and instant messaging platform.


Aamica Connect is enabling connectivity and support through their NFC device.


A rent and sell fashion marketplace that is changing the way we consume fashion.


An online fundraising app enabling users to raise more funds for important causes

User Experience Design

The way your users interact with your app is what drives your conversions and revenue. We offer minimalist user experience solutions that not only match the design trends of today, but also meet the technology of tomorrow. Creating an app design that boosts user retention and improves your product’s stickiness is the recipe for a successful user experience.

Screen-by-screen Wireframe

Our app design fundamentals for producing the best user interface design lies in wireframing a screen-by-screen prototype. We adopt minimalism in our wireframe design, creating a holistic product picture that is quipped with all the functional elements and features that your end user will interact with. We overcome technical sophistication for ease of use.

User Interface Design

Here at DigiGround, we will create a prototype-based interface that will support and highlight your brand persona. Our user interface designers will style of app right from design theme to font colours to packaging. We follow the latest digital design conventions to ensure that your mobile app is kept stylish, sleek and engaging for all users.

Time-efficient Prototyping

Our graphic designers can quickly produce mockups for your validation before scaling up the product. We work closely with clients so that we can better our offering and start achieving end results quickly and effectively. We are more than capable of adhering to tight timelines when designing high quality prototypes for your app.

Custom Web App Design

Take your brand online with custom web application design solutions. Bring traffic to your website and let the design do the rest. Our custom web app designers will create a sleek, feature-rich design focused on maximising conversions. Our digital design solutions are effective at delivering a responsive website and impactful engagement.

Custom App Development

Get a fully customised mobile app solution. Our Sydney-based software developers with both cross-platform and native app development and will work alongside you to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. For more details about our gambling mobile application projects, please get in touch with us.

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