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Does your business need a visual identity, new logo design or a comprehensive brand strategy? DigiGround is here to help! We provide a full graphic design and digital services for all your logo and brand identity requirements.

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Logo Design

When creating a logo design, we take the time to get it right from the get-go. Avoid the costly and time-consuming process of replacing a logo by ensuring that your logo is simple, relevant, timeless and captures who your business is.


Brand Identity

Brand identity is everything. Before you design your business card or website, you need to define who you are as a brand. We’ll transform your creative brief into an effective identity that leaves a lasting image in your customer’s mind.

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We create unique brand identities to inspire your customers


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Branding Refresh

The market never stays the same, and customer preferences will always change over time. If your brand identity is no longer resonating in the marketplace, it might be time for a brand refresh. When you have a strong brand identity, your customers will be promoting your business through word of mouth marketing and social media posting.

Digital Identity

We’ve spent time using different design programs, experimenting with tools and decoding the jargon. DigiGround has got you covered if you need help with your logo design, style guides, branding or virtually anything in design. Our graphic designers are experts in the industry and know exactly how to help you with all your digital media needs.

Trusted Approach

Colours have a strong effect on your brand. They can connect to our feelings, which makes them a powerful marketing tool to use when creating a design. Colours must have a meaning and a purpose, as they reflect your brand and its messages. Our graphic designers will work carefully with you when building a colour swatch for your branding.

Complete Rebrand

The intention of a rebrand is to change your company’s image. You have to create a new philosophy and brand story, and potentially target a new audience. It’s the solution for you if your brand fails to communicate its message or lacks consistency. Our digital branding experts will make sure that your new brand message is clear and precise.

Personalised Design

Your branding will be personalised to suit your company identity. This means every colour, pattern and image will be your own. If you’re struggling to know what creative elements you need, don’t worry – we have it sorted. Our DigiGround graphic design specialists will provide brilliant ideas, enabling you to stand out from your competitors.

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