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DigiGround is a leading social media app development company, with a strong reputation in the digital technology sector. We build reliable and intuitive social networking apps with an attractive and intuitive design.

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Social Media App Design

At DigiGround, we’ll work closely with you to build the best app possible. We understand your business processes and will translate them into a reliable and scalable social media app that will drive your success.


Social Media App Development

Social network apps are becoming increasingly popular , making them perfect for engaging users. Building your own social media app will help you keep your users connected and engaged no matter where they are.


Social Media App UI and UX

Our social media app developers are highly skilled at delivering the finest UI and UX design solutions to all our software development clients. Each mobile application we build has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


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Complete Software Solution

Your mobile app is an important component of your business and its offering. Our social media app development team will create your software product with the big picture in mind. We will make sure that your mobile application is completely set up for your business for the long term.

Custom Application Design

We offer custom software design as part of our software development services. Our designers will work with you to turn your vision into a working app design that establishes key features, workflow and usability. We’ll ensure that all requirements are covered before we start development.

Code Reviews and Rebuilds

If you’ve started developing an app with another company and want their code reviewed, or you would like to rebuild the app completely, DigiGround can help. Our experienced DigiGround team are more than happy to help you get your social media app development journey back on track.

UI/UX Improvement

DigiGround can implement Google Analytics into your application and use heat mapping services on the main page. This data can be used to monitor user behaviour for user experience improvement. We will make suggestions for improvement on your software’s user interface and user experience.

Mobile App Hosting

We can assist you with setting up hosting for your software product. We suggest hosting with Amazon Web Services for the extensive support, security and uptime benchmarks they offer. We’ll setup the required servers and instances as part of our application development services.

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