Advertising Benefits

Advertising Benefits


Ivy Buddee
February 12, 2020

There are many Facebook advertising benefits, as we discussed in our previous blog, Why Do Facebook Advertising . Read on to find out more about what you can get out of your Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook Advertising Benefits

Facebook analytics

Your ad results are completely measurable thanks to Facebook Business Manager. You can use this program to see how many clicks, impressions and conversions you’ve received for each ad. But to track conversions, you’ll need to install a conversion pixel to your website track user activity. This is something our marketing specialists can help you with.

Boost customer attribution

Customer attribution is the amount of times your target audience sees your brand. By advertising on Facebook, you’re putting your brand in front of more people more times. The more they see your brand and the more they interact with it, the more likely they are to convert. Facebook ads help you grow your customer touch points, leading to more conversions down the line.

Lower acquisition costs

By getting help with your PPC marketing , you can get your Facebook ads working for you, potentially lowering your cost per acquisition. We can help you identify ways to lower your costs while maximising your results.

Engage website visitors

Have you ever visited a website and then saw their ads all over Facebook? That’s something called remarketing. It allows you to target recent website visitors who did not make a conversion and to reengage them through your ads. This tactic can dramatically improve your conversions.

Engage your audience

Facebook advertising not only enables you to engage website visitors, but it also allows you to build engagement with your target audience. This engagement includes comments, shares, likes and interactions with your ads. When users engage with your brand, it develops an indirect connection. This in turn makes them more likely to convert. Carrying out social media management can further this engagement.

Interested in finding out more about Facebook advertising benefits? Read our blog, Get Results from Facebook Ads .

Facebook Advertising Benefits
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Facebook Advertising Benefits
There are many Facebook advertising benefits. Read on to find out what you can get out of your Facebook advertising campaign.
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