Removal of Likes

Removal of Likes


Ivy Buddee
April 14, 2020

As you should know by now, Instagram has removed the ability to see how many likes people have received on their posts. According to Instagram spokesmen, this change was done with aim of improving the mental health of Instagram users by eliminating the pressure to compete with others for likes. Users can start creating images they genuinely enjoy rather than posting images for the sake of getting likes.

Instagram Removal of Likes

So far, the removal of likes has been a blessing in disguise for Instagram influencers and marketers alike. In the past, people were more likely to engage with a business that has posts with more likes (would you visit a restaurant with zero likes on their posts?). But now, as long as your Instagram posts are engaging at first glance, that might be all you need to draw in users and get the conversion leads rolling.

This is great for up and coming Instagrammers, but what about the influencer marketing industry? What is the effect of the removal of likes?

Influencer marketing and the removal of likes

Many industry leaders believe that Instagram influencers have little to fear about the platform’s latest change. Likes are an easy metric to work with, but likes are still a vanity metric. Instead, the new changes to Instagram will give influencers more creative freedom over the work they choose to create and post.

Furthermore, influencers can still see the number of like they are getting on their own posts. Comments and followers will likely become the new metrics of choice. Marketers looking to work with influencers can still use analytic platforms to gauge the engagement each post is gaining.

So, what do we think? Keep working with Instagram influencers and using influencer marketing. But keep your focus on creating great content that converts. If you’re interested in finding out more about influencer marketing or Instagram management, get in touch with DigiGround today.

Instagram Removal of Likes
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Instagram Removal of Likes
The Instagram removal of likes is is great for up and coming Instagrammers, but what about the influencer marketing industry? Let's take a deeper look.
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