Telling Stories
With Your Brand

Telling Stories
With Your Brand


By Ivy Buddee
November 22, 2018

How strong is your social media storytelling game? Many brands have trouble with marketing themselves. Not because their products aren’t strong. Or because they don’t have a good marketing plan. It’s because they lack a solid brand story.

Who is your audience? How do you get in their head? How do you understand them better? How do you change the way they think? How do you change their behaviour?

These are the type of questions that might come up when you’re brainstorming a marketing campaign. To change your audience’s behaviour, you need to change the way they think and feel.

Telling Stories With Your Brand

Learn about your audience

Don’t choose a broad audience. Be as specific as possible. Creating marketing persons can help you get as specific as possible. The more targeted your audience is, the easier it’ll be to market to them. Once you’ve identified personas, you must identify their goals. What does your audience want you to help them with?

Identify new problems

Don’t come up with just any problem or choose the same one your competitor did. Find something your competitor hasn’t, and then prescribe your answer to that problem.

Choose distribution channels

Find the right distribution channels for your brand, use them, and move away from any channels that aren’t working for you. Social analytics can help you find the best channels for your audience. Be strategic. Meet your audience where they are.

Tell better stories

Identify your goal, the problem you want to solve and how you will tell the story. Think about the idea you want to put in your audience’s head and what difference you want to make. Educating your audience is important, but changing the way they feel and think will increase your brand’s awareness and adoption.

Less is more

Pumping out lots of content isn’t valuable to your audience. Instead, make bigger bets on fewer things. Create less content, messages and campaigns but make them better. Put most of your resources into what works best for your brand.

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Telling Stories with your Brand
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Telling Stories with your Brand
How strong is your social media storytelling game? To change your audience’s behaviour, try telling stories with your brand.
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