Start A Facebook
Ad Campaign

Start A Facebook
Ad Campaign


Ivy Buddee
February 24, 2020

Want to boost your customer base and grow your business? Create a new Facebook ad campaign and start reaching users from the moment you push ‘publish’! Read on to find out what you can expect from Facebook advertising .

Start A Facebook Ad Campaign

Easy ad campaign management

Facebook advertising happens in real time. If you check your ad results and you aren’t happy with how they are performing, you can make adjustments to the ad campaign immediately. This isn’t possible with other types of advertising, such as TV and print advertisements. With Facebook ads , you can cut your losses straight away and make adjustments to start reaping better results.

Beat your competitors

Your competitors are probably running Facebook ads to grow their conversions. If you aren’t using Facebook to reach your target audience, you’re making it easier for your competitors to do so. A large number of your customers are on Facebook every day, so it is valuable to use it to help grow your business.

Anyone can advertise

Unlike Google Ads, with Facebook advertising, you don’t have to worry about large competitors driving up the cost of keyword bidding. The social media platform makes it possible for businesses of any size to target customers by running ad campaigns. As long as your ads are targeted and relevant, they will perform effectively on Facebook.

Get real results

Organic Facebook marketing doesn’t always get you the results you’re looking for. If you plan to use Facebook to increase conversions or bring users to your website, you’ll see more successful by running ads. Posting content on Facebook is more effective for building brand awareness and growing a community around your brand. If you decide to use Facebook posts for marketing, using promoted posts will enable you to achieve the reach you’re looking for.

Keep within budget

Facebook is the most cost-effective advertising platform. You can expect to pay as little as $0.10 per click. Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective advertising investment you can make – and they can enable you to double, triple or quadruple your sales. The targeting is very precise: you can target website visitors, previous customers and specific demographics. You can also boost awareness, achieve more touch points with users and attribute to conversions in the future.

Start getting results from your Facebook advertising campaign. Our Sydney social media manager will work hard to make sure that people aren’t just seeing you – but talking about you and buying from you too. Get in touch today and start getting more real sales.

Start a Facebook Ad Campaign
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Start a Facebook Ad Campaign
Want to boost your customer base and grow your business? Read on to find out what you can expect from running a Facebook ad campaign.
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