Should You Use
Curated Content?

Should You Use
Curated Content?


By Ivy Buddee
August 30, 2018

Do you share other people’s content on your social media? If you don’t, it’s time you get on it! Content curation can seem a bit counterintuitive, but it has significant benefits for your business. Here’s what curated content can do:

Using curated content to build trust

If you only ever share your own content on social media, users will think that you’re only there to market to them. It’s understandable that they’re cautious about what businesses to interact with – there are lots of spammers on social media, after all. Sharing another person’s content will help show your target audience that you’re not just there to promote yourself. You position yourself as a reliable and trusted source of information. But make sure the content you share only comes from trustworthy sources! Otherwise, you’ll lose your audience’s trust.

Connect with social media influencers

Each industry has its own influencers, but it can be difficult to connect with them. Every business wants to connect with influencers , so no wonder they’re so hard to reach. Curating their content on your social media will give you a chance of getting their attention . Do this by retweeting, sharing or reblogging their posts, or by drawing inspiration from them in your own posts.  Make sure you tag the influencer when you do this so they’re more likely to see your share. They might even share some of your content one day!

Growing Your Social Media Audience

Content curation gives you access to a larger audience. When you start sharing links to another person’s content, others start sharing it too. Shares will give you exposure to more users, many of whom will then follow you. A marketing expert, Guy Kawasaki, even credits his Twitter following (currently 1.5 million) to using content curation. You might not get the same results as him, but it’ll certainly extend your reach.

Save yourself time

Feel like you spend too much time on your business’ social media? You probably are. If you’re spending a whole day on social media, it’s time you cut back. This is where content curation really helps. When you’re sharing other people’s content, you spend less time creating your own. That’s some major time savings. Queue your curated content, and use the time you saved to work on more important tasks.

Lots of businesses are reluctant to share content from other sites on their social media. But promoting other sites can help you enhance your own business and bring you more audiences.

Should You Use Curated Content?
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Should You Use Curated Content?
Lots of businesses are reluctant to share curated content. But promoting other sites can help you enhance your own business and bring you more audiences.
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