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DigiGround does more than just native app development in Sydney. We also build hybrid mobile apps that meet all your goals and needs. With a results-oriented approach, we build hybrid apps that meet all your requirements.

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Hybrid App Design

Hybrid mobile apps combine the best elements of both web and native apps. They’re an essential option for any business looking to gain a competitive edge. With extensive experience and expertise in application design,we will help you leverage hybrid app design benefits for exponential growth.


Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development in Sydney can save a lot of costs from your end, as there no need to develop the app for two different platforms separately. Not only are they time-efficient to develop, but hybrid apps also require less effort in terms of app development. This makes hybrid app development a very cost-effective option. You can also choose the path of native app development .

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Hybrid App UI and UX

Get flawless and consistent UX across Android and iOS platforms. Hybrid app development is all about making it work for mobile devices by embracing web technology. The lightweight nature of the UI helps graphics and content to load quickly. This allows for seamless data streaming and faster data display.


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End-to-End App Development

At DigiGround we offer customisable, end-to-end hybrid application development that covers every aspect of the project, from concept design in to prototype to product delivery. This process can take between 3-12 months, and will depend on your specific needs, available technology and the scale of the project.

Long-Term Commitment

We work on your project’s success and looking towards a long-term commitment. Most of our clients choose DigiGround as their long-term partner in mobile application development. 95% of our hybrid app development customers have been with us since the inception of their business applications.

Personalised App Development

Do you have a mature mobile app strategy and don’t require full development services? Whether you need new features and functionalities to be added to your native app, a refresh to your app design or specific technology expertise, we can achieve your mobile app goals. Let us fill in the gaps for you.

Mobile App Strategy

Our Sydney software developer focuses on everything from the ‘must haves’ to the ‘can live without’. This way, you get the chance to experience the engagement and usage uptake first, and can generate feedback, before you start betting your business on it. We’ll show you how to measure success outside of just ROI.

In-House App Development

We have a team of dedicated mobile app developers based in Sydney, Australia. For your project, we’ll assign a senior software engineer to oversee the development, along with an account manager, for the entire duration of your project. And that’s the only way we love to work. Try it and you will love it too!

Custom App Development

DigiGround offers Sydney hybrid app development services for both customer-facing apps and internal-facing apps. We can customise our app development services and processes according to your specific requirements, whether it be project management, staff augmentation or team integration.

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