WestWords is giving a voice to children and young people living in Western Sydney.


WestWords is one of the newest members of the DigiGround Community. We been dedicating 1% of our time, as part of the DigiCare Program, to helping them raise funds and spread awareness of their cause.

WestWords is dedicated to celebrating and championing the stories of the people, places and cultures that comprise the heart of Western Sydney.

Their mission is to promote and encourage reading, writing and story-making by, and for, children and young people living in Western Sydney and beyond and in so doing to develop and enhance community sustainability through cultural vitality. WestWords is all about building, creating and empowering communities in Western Sydney.


The WestWords Centre for Writing is based in Parramatta. A guiding philosophy of WestWords is a belief in the power of literature and literacy (written, oral and visual), self-expression and creativity to change lives and the experience of communities. With a strategic focus on children and young people and through a comprehensive program of workshops, residencies, fellowships and support for writers, they offer professional opportunities for the growth of distinctive voices.

In 2020, WestWords held their first online fundraising auction with Oktion during the coronavirus pandemic. The auction was held over the month of June and featured beautiful artwork from local illustrators and artists. The generous donations raised have gone a long way in helping WestWords to promote and encourage writing, ready and story-making by children and young people. This power of self-expression and creativity helped them to change their lives and give Western Sydney a voice. You can read more about this by visiting the DigiGround news page or reading their DigiGround work page.

We are extremely proud to help WestWords support members of the children’s literature community in Sydney. DigiGround continues to provide digital solutions for their organisation on an ad-hoc basis.

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