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Join the Pollinate Group to fight poverty in India.


Pollinate Group is a member of our DigiGround Community and we have proudly offered them our services over the past several years. As part of our DigiCare Program , we donate 1% of our time to optimising their website to appear in search engine results for relevant keywords. Their website serves as a network that brings life-changing products to the people who need them most .

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There are almost 400 million people in India living in energy poverty, with most of these people relying on kerosene for lighting. Kerosene use has adverse effects on a person’s safety, health and general wellbeing. India has the largest number of people in the world without access to safe drinking water. Families in the slums must collect their water from open rivers and ponds, which is contaminated with chemicals and sewage.

And as if all of this wasn’t bad enough already, inefficient traditional cookstoves also cause indoor air pollution due to the harmful substances they emit, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, particulates and formaldehyde at levels of up to 100 times higher than those recommended by WHO. These are just some of the issues facing slum communities every day, and Pollinate Group is continuing to identify more problems that so that they can provide solutions with their Pollinate model.

The problems facing India’s urban poor are complex, so the solution needs to work on many levels. The client was started to bring sustainable solutions to the people living in urban slums in India. They also commit themselves to educating customers about products and providing payment plans to make them affordable. They do this through their network of door-to-door sales people called Pollinators. This face-to-face distribution network allows them to build relationships and trust with their customers.

DigiGround continues to work with the client by providing ongoing website development, website maintenance and search engine optimisation services. You can learn more about their mission on their website.

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