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Support ID. Know Yourself in breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma for Aboriginal people.


We are proud to introduce ID. Know Yourself as a member of our DigiCare Community. We have donated 1% of our time to redesigning and developing their website, with the goal to increase their donations and encourage new corporate partnerships. Their website provides not only important information for the people they want to support, but it is also a tool for helping them raise donations for their cause.

ID. Know Yourself is an Aboriginal-led not for profit mentoring organisation that supports Aboriginal children and young people in Out of Home Care (foster care), as well as those who have contact with the juvenile justice system. The organisation places a focus on culture in their trauma-informed mentoring program for Aboriginal young people within the Out of Home Care system.

The ID. Know Yourself mentoring program has been created to support Aboriginal children who are in, or leaving, the foster care system by establishing a sense of belonging, discovering purpose and empowering positive choices. They connect these young people to culture and community and prepare them with essential life skills for life after care.


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Not-for-profit Charity

ID. Know Yourself also offers cultural care plans to child protection services and other organisations that deal with Aboriginal children and young people. Their goal is to ensure that these young people feel connected to their identity and have a sense of belonging to their community and culture. These cultural care plans are driven by younger staff and will have an Aboriginal Elder at the core. The plans provide incredible value to young people, resulting in real traction and success. If you would like to support their cause, please go to their website to see how you can contribute.

DigiGround continue to work with ID. Know Yourself, providing ad-hoc graphic design and web development services as needed.