Pendal Group

Delivering a seamless digital experience.

Pendal Group

Delivering a seamless digital experience.

About Pendal Group

Pendal Group Ltd. formerly BT Investment Management Limited is an independent, global investment management business delivering investment returns for their clients through active management of Australian Equities, Global Equities, Income & Fixed Interest funds, Multi Assets and Responsible Investments. Pendal Group Ltd is a publicly listed company on the ASX.

Project Details

Financal Services
Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing
Corporate Website, Web Page Design

Pendal Group Objective

Pendal Group Ltd approached DigiGround for help to create an internal intranet. They were rebranding for their new business name, Pendal Group Ltd, and needed a website that matched their new branding. The client provided clear areas for each department that required new content.

They wanted a single source from which company information can be gathered, such as policies and procedures, employee induction programs and production management. They also required an intranet, which would be the last step in the rebranding process and was time-sensitive as it needed to be launched alongside the corporate website.

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DigiGrow With Us

Pendal Group DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround started by creating a customised platform for Pendal, working to a predesigned wireframe for specifications and requirements. Each of the individual website pages was built by the DigiGround web development team. We created a staff directory that was then uploaded to the database. Our web developers added a blog and integrated the website with an internal linking of SharePoint items. Finally, once all the content was added, the development team worked on styling, which involved coding a specialised dot before each of the menu items (a request that was in line with the company’s new branding style).

Since the intranet could not be accessed remotely, DigiGround was on-site on the launch day to move the website from staging to live. And following live deployment of the intranet, we provided two weeks of support for any bugs or styling fixes required.

The goal was to have a consistent structure under the new brand identity, making it much easier to find and use key information required by the employee. Assisting in the delivery of consistent and effective internal communications via a more user-friendly platform. The new intranet created by DigiGround did just that!

Pendal Group
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