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FSHD Global is improving quality of life for those living with FSHD.

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FSHD Global is a memb er of the DigiGround Community . As part of our DigiCare Program , we donated 1% of our time to FSHD Global to support their cause with the design and development of their new website. This website serves the purpose of informing users about the FSHD disease and raising funds.

The Foundation was started to fund medical research, education and awareness of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD). Their mission is to find treatments, and ultimately a cure, for those suffering from the effects of FSHD. They are the first and only FSHD non-profit organisation in Australia. They invest all donated funds towards improving the quality of life for individuals and families suffering from the FSHD disease, while supporting greater medical research.

FSHD is a genetic condition caused by mutations that increase the expression of a toxic protein. It’s a muscle disorder in which the muscles in the shoulder blades, face and upper arms are among the most severely affected. FSHD doesn’t discriminate – it affects the lives of women, men and children from all walks of life. The signs and symptoms tend to appear during adolescence, but it’s not unheard of for conditions to begin appearing later in life. But despite FSHD being the third most common muscular dystrophy of humans, there are no treatments and no cure.


FSHD Global aims to change this. The Foundation has already initiated a number of world-first breakthroughs that aid therapeutic trials around the world. But to continue fighting for their cause, they need support from the community. You can make a one-off or recurring donation to them through their website. Your support will make a difference to individuals and their families around the world.

DigiGround continues to work with the Foundation, providing ongoing website maintenance. You can learn more about their mission and FSHD on the FSHD Global website.


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