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About NovaWorks

NovaWorks offers the latest in enterprise design, architecture and development of bespoke software solutions for businesses looking to digitally transform their workforce. They aim to help business to achieve the flexibility of remote work with worrying about information business data becoming compromised. This is why governments, parliaments and organisations turn to NovaWorks to protect their data.

Project Details

Business Services
Web Development, Graphic Design
Business Website, Media Website, Web Page Design, Logo & Identity

NovaWorks Objective

NovaWorks engaged DigiGround to redesign and develop their website so that it would be a more accurate representation of the cutting edge solutions they had to offer. They also wanted to simplify the site navigation and make it faster and easier site admins to make updates through the WordPress CMS. They also wanted a us to produce a style guide to go along with the redesign of their Parliament Portal.

DigiGrow With Us

NovaWorks DigiGround Work Process

The information outlined during our initial meeting drove us to the web development strategy phase. We understood that the most important aspect was to determine who the users are and then set a main goal: structing the site in a way that would make it easy for users to navigate to the information they are seeking. Since the site is very informative and serves the purpose of driving users deeper into the sales funnel, we knew that browsing would be a top reason for someone to visit the website. The placed prominent CTA buttons across the site to drive users to either convert or find more information about NovaWorks and their services.

The client had a solid brand identity, which we made sure to seamless implement into their online presence. We strove to refresh the website with a modern, sleek and ‘tech-y’ look by utilising curves and geometric shapes across their site. Our design approach was to create a simplistic yet fully functional website that caters to the needs of each user while also remaining engaging. We wanted to highlight NovaWorks’ excellence in digital transformation and cybersecurity with an equally innovative site that demonstrates NovaWorks’ dominance in the industry, while directly and simply presenting the user with what they need.

After thoroughly auditing the website and testing all features, we were proud to deliver a fresh and easy to use custom website for NovaWorks. The new designs were paired with a robust CMS that allows site admins to quickly make updates. The simple, flat and sleek design encourages users to navigate quickly throughout the site, allowing NovaWorks to offer an enhanced experience for all users. NovaWorks now displays a more powerful online presence that compliments their innovation in SaaS technology.

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