Simplifying the meeting and dating process.

About Rostr

Rostr is a new and upcoming dating app. The name Rostr originated from the word ‘roster’, which in colloquial terms means ‘who are you dating?’ (‘who’s on your roster?’). This phrase is commonly used in dating media as well as by single individuals who are engaging in dating in a modern world. Rostr is a geosocial networking and online dating application that allows users to match with other users that are interested in the same type of relationship. Once two users have matched, they can begin exchanging messages, photos and videos.

Project Details

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Rostr Lovers Objective

During her time using various dating applications, the client discovered that where was a large gap in the dating app market. It was difficult to find someone online who was looking for the same outcome (i.e. serious or casual relationships). This creates fatigue and disappointment for dating app users. Due to COVID-19, restaurants are in desperate need of new ways to generate revenue without incurring the costs associated with traditional marketing funnels. The benefits of Rostr are two-fold: Rostr will assist hospitality services in growing their business while also solving the problem of loneliness in an increasingly digital world. The approached DigiGround to scope and build an application to achieve this goal.

DigiGrow With Us

Rostr DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround started our app development work process by running a discovery workshop with the Rostr team. The purpose of this workshop was to refine their app idea and establish an MVP. This gave us a clear idea of what work needed to be carried out in order to achieve the client’s goals.

Working collaboratively with the client, we started by creating some designs and branding for Rostr. We needed to establish their brand identity in order to know how the app and its website will look. The brand creation was a vigorous process that involved a lot of back and forth between our team and the client. To capture the social feel of the app’s overall visual style, we selected a colour palette that includes various shades of red with orange colours here and there.

The development of Rostr required the knowledge capacity of various technologies. Each team member was tasked with such projects as developing websites, developing the mobile software and creating a database for Rostr. To make sure that Rostr users can chat with other users, we utilised aspects of the instant messaging technology we had already built for youchamp and Puppi Lovers . Chatting is a huge part of the app, which is why it was important that the technology behind this feature was solid and well-established.

Our Sydney app development work took several months to complete. During this time, we had to write new code for the software, test the application both internally and with a beta test group, stress testing the code to make sure the matchmaking and chatting worked correctly, and creating an intuitive user interface.

We are extremely proud of the work we have done on this app and can’t wait for its official launch in mid-2021.

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