We designed and developed a mobile app to support those who feel disconnected.


We designed and developed a mobile app to support those who feel disconnected.

About Aamica

Aamica Connect is an application that enables people to send messages of support and encouragement to their loved ones. People can purchase an Aamica subscription and a wearable Near Field Communication (NFC) device for someone as a gift. They can then invite others in their circle to post messages of support in video, image, text and voice format. The person who has been given the NFC device and subscription will be able to quickly connect the device to their phone to open messages from their loved ones whenever they feel that they need support. The app allows users to gain the emotional support they need when they are away from home or family. It is a quick and easy process, allowing them to connect to their loved ones no matter how far away they are.

Project Details

Mental Health Care
App Development, Web Development, Graphic Design
Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Platform as a Service, Lifestyle Mobile Apps, Social Media Apps, eCommerce Websites, Business Websites, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Page Design, App Design, Logo & Identity

Aamica Objective

Aamica needed a prototype demonstration version on their app for their trial tests in 3 months. They approached DigiGround to provide them with a working app and NFC function which allows users to be provided the device and to download the app from the assorted App stores. Aamica also needed a way for users to be able to purchase the device.

To promote the app once it has been built, Aamica also needed search engine optimisation (SEO) management and a digital marketing strategy. DigiGround was the ideal one-stop-shop for all the digital solutions that Aamica could need to build their mobile app and get it in front of their target audience.

DigiGrow With Us

Aamica DigiGround Work Process

DigiGround worked closely with the Aamica team to develop their app from concept idea to launch. We comprehended the client’s requirements and got started on the app development. We began by building a working prototype of the app. Once this was approved, we then got to work designing the application’s user interface and the user experience flow.

Due to time constraints, DigiGround provided the working application and a WordPress eCommerce function (WooCommerce). When users purchase the device through the WordPress store, the accounts are created in the application. Users will then be able to login to the app and complete their profiles and start using the main application functions. DigiGround will provided a basic functioning user management portal for the Aamica team to be able to allocate NFC devices to accounts and manage user access.

While the app was being developed, our web developers got to work building their website. Since Aamica is targeting audiences in both Australia and the US, we needed to ensure that the website had both Australian English and American English versions. The website also needed attractive images and designs that matched the Aamica branding and conveyed their mission. Our graphic designers used stock images and Photoshop for editing to put together images for use across the website, app and in marketing material.

Once their website was built, DigiGround began optimising their content both on-site and off-site to ensure that the website was optimised to rank in search engine results pages. To give them further brand exposure, DigiGround set up their social media pages for both the American and Australian audiences.

The result of our work was a fully functioning mobile application that works with the aamilet wearable device. The website functions as required, and the DigiGround web development team continues to maintain the website on a weekly basis. Our marketing team continues to provide Aamica with social media management, blog writing and SEO management.

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